Webinar on Using ePortfolios in Higher Education

Interested in using ePortfolios in your courses or department?  You may be interested in the free webinar on Sep. 16 described below.

AAEEBL’s (Association for Authentic, Experiential, Evidence-based Learning) ongoing webinar series on What is ePortfolio? continues this year starting on September 16 at 1 pm US EDT.  The webinar is free.  When you complete registration, you will then see a page with the webinar URL to use to join on the 16th.  This webinar, as the first of the year, will last for 75 minutes, ending at 2:15 pm US EDT.  This series also continues to provide ideas for The Field Guide to ePortfolio Project, a publishing project in collaboration with AAC&U.  This series has demonstrated that eportfolio is not only a thing but, more importantly, an idea.

Register for the September 16 Webinar.

The September 16 webinar with Jeff Yan of Digication — an educator — and Trent Batson of AAEEBL will provide insight into what campuses are actually doing with eportfolios, based on Jeff’s experience on many campuses.  We will discuss what his experience shows us about the eportfolio idea.

Format:  15 minutes presentation, 40 minutes discussion.  All sessions are recorded and become available within a day of the webinar.

Each or the webinars in this series have been popular and the discussion very active.  We expect the same with this September 16 webinar.

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