Webinar on Fostering Plagiarism Awareness

Turnitin (an Internet-based plagiarism-prevention application–DSU has a site license) is sponsoring a free webinar entitled “Color Me Bad”?: Fostering Plagiarism Awareness.”

“Students are often unaware of what constitutes plagiarism. The Plagiarism Spectrum was designed to help students see how plagiarism is defined and can take form. The spectrum outlines the 10 most common types of plagiarism with easy to remember digital monikers. Having students review their Turnitin Originality Reports using the Plagiarism Spectrum can be an effective approach to educating students about what plagiarism looks like and to help them write with integrity.

“Join us for this engaging workshop, where we’ll discuss the Plagiarism Spectrum and share different strategies for using the Spectrum with Turnitin Originality Reports, including a plagiarism quiz, lesson plan ideas, posters for the classroom and handouts.”

Where: Your Computer

When: Thursday, September 17, 2015

Time: 10am San Francisco / 11am Denver / noon Chicago / 1pm New York (find your time zone)

Cost: Free

Click on the link below for more information and to register:

Click here

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