Red Rock Great Teaching Retreat, Feb. 25-27, 2016

Dear DSU Faculty,

For those who may be interested, we received the email below from Dr. Tom Cunningham regarding the upcoming Red Rock Great Teaching Retreat on Feb. 25-27, 2016.  Please contact Tom Cunningham directly if you are interested.
Center for Teaching & Learning


red rock image

Dear Colleagues:
If you are a teacher in a college or university, the annual Red Rock Great Teaching Retreat will provide you with an opportunity to…

  • engage in highly interactive, facilitated discussions with peers from different disciplines and institutions in order to stimulate a cross-fertilization of ideas to improve your own teaching;
  • actively share your own successful teaching strategies and innovations;
    reflect on and seek solutions to your own persistent, unresolved teaching problems and challenges;
  • discuss topics that you and the other participants decide are the most important and relevant for your needs at that moment;
  • re-energize yourself in YOUR quest for great teaching.

The time-tested model of the Great Teachers Movement (founded in 1969) is based on the philosophy that well facilitated “shoptalk” is one of the highest forms of professional development. No individual “expert” can match the participating teachers’ collective knowledge, experience, wisdom, creativity, and genius. Participants themselves are the experts, helping and supporting each other in their quest for great teaching.

Dr. Gary Parnell, the Retreat Director, has 25 years of experience leading workshops, retreats, and seminars based on the GTM model.

Gary Parnell, PhD

Gary is an excellent facilitator, using his sense of humor to “break the ice” in a group, getting people to engage in useful “shoptalk,” and effectively drawing all participants into a productive exchange of ideas.

Visit the Red Rock Great Teaching Retreat web site for more details and online registration; and please feel free to contact me if you have any retreat questions.

Gary and I look forward to meeting you at the beautiful Red Cliffs Lodge on the banks of the Colorado River!



Tom Cunningham, PhD
Retreat Coordinator
Phone: 435-590-6066 (if no answer, please leave a message)
Web: Highroad Professional Development, LLC

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